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SANTAMAR Beating Into Horrible Storm (+15m Waves)

The spectacular video shows the Fishing Vessel SANTAMAR struggling in waves as h ...[more]


F-16 Fighter Overruns Runway and Ends in Crash Landing

F-16 Fighting Falcon runs off the end of runway and ends up in a 5.4 million USD ...[more]


M/V Klaipeda Spirit Runs Aground At Demolishing Yard

The cargo ship M/V Klaipeda Spirit arrives at the ship demolishing/recycling yar ...[more]


Six Railway Wagons of CSX Corp. Train Derail in Metairie

Who would have known a rail fan trip to Metairie LA would have ended this way. W ...[more]


Huge Tanker Sailing Through Storm Force 12 (Pacific Ocean)

Big Tanker challenged by metre high waves during a heavy storm in the Pacific Oc ...[more]


Tanker LPG/C Venere Facing Hurricane (Atlantic Ocean)

The Tanker LPG/C Venere is beating into +10 metre high waves during a hurricane ...[more]


Sea Rescue Vessel (ERRV) Smashed by Monster Waves

The GRAMPIAN PROTECTOR (Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel) gets hit frontally b ...[more]


Huge Ship Crashes Into Ship Breaking Yard At Full Speed

A big ship crashes into a ship demolishing / recycling yard in Alang (Gujarat), ...[more]


Little Cat Enjoys Playing and Squeezing Into a Tiny Fishbowl

A little cat tries anything to climb and squeeze into a tiny fish bowl. Once acc ...[more]


M/V Global Nature Runs Aground At Demolishing Yard

The cargo ship M/V Global Nature arrives at the ship demolishing/recycling yards ...[more]


400 Tons Crane Out of Control After Truck Fails Braking

Heavy construction machinery slides from trailer and down a hill after towing tr ...[more]


Crazy Two Wheels Landing by CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Pilot

Spectacular footage of a Boing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter landing on only two whee ...[more]